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Nordic Pole Walking!! Give it a try!

Looking for a new activity for Spring?  Why not give Nordic Walking a try!  You may have seen this all around the city, and if so, many of those groups may have been YWCA Hamilton!

Click here for our upcoming program information:  NPW Classes blog

Here are a few shots from our wonderful Nordic Walkers throughout the city!!  Come and join in the fun!


Downtown Hamilton’s “Best Kept Secret”!! WHAAAAAAAAT?

So, I was giving a potential member a tour the other day, and, upon walking in to our fitness centre, and looking at all of the classes we have available, she remarked “I had no idea this facility was here.  You are downtown Hamilton’s best kept secret!”  To which I remarked—–“we don’t want to be a secret-we rock and everyone in Hamilton should know it!” We had a good laugh together, but now its time to spread the word!!!  We are located at 75 Macnab Street South (right across the street from Whitehern).  And what’s here for women looking to “get moving”??

Well, we have a full fitness centre of cardio machines and weight equipment, and free weights, stability balls, gliders, ropeless jump ropes (yes you read that right!)……

What else do we have?  A pool with a variety of classes and length swims to be enjoyed…….

Any other classes you ask?? Absolutely! Its all included in your FITPass membership-Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, HIIT, Tabata, Nordic Walking, to name just a few.

Also INCLUDED in your membership is a personal program appointment to help you get started-yes you read that right too-that’s included.

And all of these options are provided by fully-certified, continuously educated instructors and personal trainers!

Excited yet? Come in and ask for a FREE one week pass-tell them you read Deanna’s Blog article!

See you soon!

Deanna ,

Fitness Coordinator, YWCA Hamilton

5K race with Nordic Poles? No Problem!!

The YWCA offers a variety of classes for members interested in Nordic Pole Walking.

Macnab Street’s Schedule:

Ottawa Street’s Schedule:

Where will Nordic Walking take you???  A 5K road race….maybe! Like our awesome Ottawa Street Fitness Coordinator, Debbie!


What’s new this year in the YWCA fitness centre? It’s “WISP-y” and its a “HIIT”!

Looking for something new to kick start your 2015?  Join us for one of this year’s top fitness trends, HIIT, which stands for High Intensity Interval Training.  We’ve been doing this already (of course we are ahead of the pack! 🙂 ) with our Tabata classes, but we are changing up the challenge with different HIIT formats!!  Remember…..challenge = change!  Come and join us on Mondays at 12:15 in the MacNab Street gym.

Or, are you a Nordic Walker/outdoor Walker that is looking to maintain her fitness, but would like to come in out of the cold?  This session we are offering a WISP class (“Walking Indoors with Strength and Posture”) whereby we will be doing some walking in the gym, but adding strength and posture exercises and intervals to keep strong over the winter.

Come and see us for a free week trial!  Give us a call if you have questions: 905-522-9922 ext 118, or send me an email at


Nordic Pole Walking at YWCA Hamilton

So, I last posted our new pole walking instructor team photo, which lead to the question….when is Nordic Walking at the YWCA? Our Ottawa street branch has ongoing classes! For details, contact Debbie H. at 905-522-9922, press 8 for Ottawa Street, and then ext. 22 for Debbie. Walk tall and have fun!!


Preventing Falls….information for Older Adults

Do you, or someone you love, have a fear of falling as you are aging? Have a look at this resource, “Helping Older Adults Prevent Falls” from the Active Living Coalition of Older Adults ( Have a look at the ALCOA website for other great resources (many are free for you to order) for older adults. Enjoy….and walk safe!

Get out and get walking #hamont

After having popped outside to grab an afternoon cup of tea, I thought “what a great day for a hike!” Unfortunately I had to head back in to the office, but that thought reminded me of the great link on the City of Hamilton website that lists all of the hiking trails in Hamilton. So, I thought I’d better share! Check it out:

So, if you can this afternoon, choose one and start walking!!!


Hey #fithamilton check out Nordic Pole Walking at the #ottawastreet YWCA!!

In the Fall, the Ottawa St. YWCA started a new fitness program called
“NORDIC POLE WALKING … the smarter way to walk!” The group meets Thursdays from 12:30-1:30pm starting at the Ottawa St. YWCA to beautiful Gage Park.
Here are 5 benefits to Nordic Walking.
1. Burns up to 46% more calories
2. Incorporates 90% of all muscles in one exercise

3. Helps to eliminates back, shoulder and neck pain

4. Less impact on hip, knee and foot joints

5. Develops upright body posture

Here is our current Nordic Walking group!

As well, check out the youtube video  below supporting our Marauders.  Can you find our walkers???

If you are interested in learning more about this beneficial walking
program, please contact Deb Hannah, Fitness Coordinator Ottawa St YWCA 905 5456249 ex 22. Please call ahead to reserve a set of poles to try out. Poles can also be purchased thru the instructor. Happy Walking!!!