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Workin’ hard for the Bay! @YWCAhamilton @Tribe_Fitness

A great group of runners from YWCA Hamilton and Tribe Fitness working hard at their training for Around the Bay 2015.

The YWCA’s run club trains together twice weekly:  

1) Tuesday evenings @ 5:00pm for short training

2) Saturdays 10am for Longer Efforts.

Contact Coach Kim @ 905 522-9922 ext. 118

Or for details on how to join us! 

bay training Jan 24



Its almost race day!!!!

The Road2Hope road race series is almost here….just a few more sleeps!  As many of our members, staff and supporters get ready to race in support of ywcaencore, our running coach, Coach Kim, has some great last minute advice.  Thanks Coach!

Kim’s TOP TEN Race Week Prep Ideas

#1 Stay off your feet as much as possible when you are running your last couple of efforts (avoid standing in one place)

#2 Elevate your legs in the evening or when you can

#3 Maintain a happy and positive mood… fun things!

#4 Try not to change your diet too drastically this week.  Simply cut back on excess fats and fiber

#5 Sip plain water frequently

#6 Start laying out everything you think you might need on race day  (it’s November,  so think in terms of layers  and gloves)

#7 Start telling all your friends and loved ones about the great run you are going to have and where they can cheer for you on race day!

#8 Stretch frequently and gently,  but avoid static stretching on the morning of your race  (dynamic R.O.M.  is fine)

#9 Attend a Yoga class or at least breathe deeply several times a day!

#10 Visualise your event and see yourself crossing the line smiling,  happy and healthy!

Best wishes for a safe and successful day to one and all.


Trying to improve your running speed?

Cross training could be the answer-not to mention, help with injury prevention! Check out these great cross training suggestions from Runner’s World online!

Yoga for Beginners

Yoga is a great compliment to any workout program, particularly running. The repetitive joint and muscle actions of running can make for some serious flexibility and/or muscle imbalance issues. Our triathlon coach, Kim, leads Yoga classes at the YWCA on a regular basis. Come and give us a try! Ask at reception for a one week free trial, and come check out our amazing instructors, classes and facilities!

Not close by? Check out this article from Runner’s World Online about yoga for beginners…..

Wise Words from Coach Kim

Kim Agostino offers advice for those running the Around the Bay 30 k road race on March 24.

thanks to Wayne MacPhail and his handy iPod.

Run, Run, Robin!

Our fearless leader Robin ran the Chilly Half-Marathon in Burlington today, along with thousands of others, on a fast, flat course along the lakeshore.

All smiles on her way to the starting line

All smiles on her way to the starting line

Still smiling after 21 kilometres!

Still smiling after 21 kilometres!

and here she is in action:

A Tsunami of Santas

Santa Clauses by the hundreds, of all ages, shapes, sizes and species, came out today for Hamilton’s first Santa-only 5k race. The race started at the Royal Hamilton Yacht Club, set off west past Pier 4 Park, did the loop at the Bayfront Park, then headed back east and finished at Williams Coffee Pub, where hot coffee and breakfast sandwiches were a welcome reward.

Proceeds, and a collection of non-perishable food, went to the Good Shepherd.

Here are some photos of the event:

posted by Barb

photo credit: Wayne MacPhail

MEC Race

Mountain Equipment Co-op, purveyors of all things sporty and outdoorsy, have launched a road race series. The first in Burlington was held on Saturday Aug. 25, at LaSalle Park. The 5 and 10 k routes wound along Northshore Blvd., through beautiful tree-lined streets, and up and down a few challenging hills.

The field was small, but the competition was steep: Olympian Reid Coolsaet ran the 10k. He graciously posed for photos with other runners after the race, including our own Marlin, who also had an impressive 10 k time.


Besides being fun and challenging, these races have the added appeal of a low registration fee: only $15. I think I ate that much post-race watermelon!

MEC plans to continue their race series with a 5 and 10 k ‘Fall Classic’ on October 27. For more information and to sign up, go to

– Barb

Racing Ahead

The first item in the previous post talked about staying motivated. If you’re a runner, a great way to keep up your enthusiasm is to enter a race. Several races are being held locally in the next little while, to support fitness but also to raise funds for worthy causes.

Next Saturday, May 26 the 5 and 10 k Run for Wells is being held at Kilbride Park, north Burlington, to support a clean water project in Ethiopia.

The following Saturday, June 2, but in the evening, is the 21st annual Moon in June 5 and 10 k race, in downtown Burlington, which raises money for the Halton Trauma Centre.

On Sunday, June 10, at the Brant Conservation area in Brantford, the Paris Runner’s Den’s Phlox Run offers 6, 10 and 25 km races to help fund trail-building.

And in Grimsby on the evening of Tuesday, June 26, the Tim Hortons Peachbud 5 and 10 k raises funds for the West Lincoln Memorial Hospital.

This list isn’t comprehensive, but it’ll give you some ideas to run with.

How to stop a “side stitch”

I read a great article this morning from Runner’s World online about how to stop the dreaded “side stitch” many of us encounter when we are running!  Thought I would share-check it out below!