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Workin’ hard for the Bay! @YWCAhamilton @Tribe_Fitness

A great group of runners from YWCA Hamilton and Tribe Fitness working hard at their training for Around the Bay 2015.

The YWCA’s run club trains together twice weekly:  

1) Tuesday evenings @ 5:00pm for short training

2) Saturdays 10am for Longer Efforts.

Contact Coach Kim @ 905 522-9922 ext. 118

Or for details on how to join us! 

bay training Jan 24



New Season, New Routine. New Goals?


So, here we are-September!  It is hard to believe that we are here already! 

Many people I have been chatting with have been talking about the new routines they are organizing for fall.  I keep thinking, “what a great time to ensure you have your workouts planned”.  If you are looking at your/your family’s schedule and figuring out where the sports/lessons/groceries etc are going to fit this September, be sure you also fit in those healthy activities for yourself and those you care for!  Or, perhaps it is an opportunity to set a great new fitness goal?  Interested in a road race?  Check out a huge list of options at  Happy September!!