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Downtown Hamilton’s “Best Kept Secret”!! WHAAAAAAAAT?

So, I was giving a potential member a tour the other day, and, upon walking in to our fitness centre, and looking at all of the classes we have available, she remarked “I had no idea this facility was here.  You are downtown Hamilton’s best kept secret!”  To which I remarked—–“we don’t want to be a secret-we rock and everyone in Hamilton should know it!” We had a good laugh together, but now its time to spread the word!!!  We are located at 75 Macnab Street South (right across the street from Whitehern).  And what’s here for women looking to “get moving”??

Well, we have a full fitness centre of cardio machines and weight equipment, and free weights, stability balls, gliders, ropeless jump ropes (yes you read that right!)……

What else do we have?  A pool with a variety of classes and length swims to be enjoyed…….

Any other classes you ask?? Absolutely! Its all included in your FITPass membership-Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, HIIT, Tabata, Nordic Walking, to name just a few.

Also INCLUDED in your membership is a personal program appointment to help you get started-yes you read that right too-that’s included.

And all of these options are provided by fully-certified, continuously educated instructors and personal trainers!

Excited yet? Come in and ask for a FREE one week pass-tell them you read Deanna’s Blog article!

See you soon!

Deanna ,

Fitness Coordinator, YWCA Hamilton


14 Best and Worst Exercises for people with exercise induced Asthma

A great read for those with Asthma:,,20672105,00.html?hootPostID=58d30d2c3c6e4225971f17b0a764a04f .

Two of the “great” suggestions for people with Asthma, swimming and yoga…..we’ve got them both, and both are included in our fitpass membership.  Come and visit us for a FREE week pass to give them a try! 

As always, check with your doctor before starting any new physical activity. And quite often, the fitter one becomes, the better controlled asthma symptoms can be.   Hope to see you soon!

-YWCA Fitness Staff

Hot yoga… it for you?

We’ve been hearing more and more about hot yoga these days-good and bad. As with any new program, its best to be well informed about the risks and talk to your doctor before starting something new. The following article from the Certified Professional Trainer’s Network provides some great info! Check it out!
CPTN_Handouts_01-10-2014 hot yoga


Your breath is the link between your inner and outer world.  Controlled deep breathing helps your body to transform the air you breathe into the energy you need.  This stream of energized air produced by properly executed breath can be channelled where needed on demand.  Energy cannot be destroyed, but it can be transformed.

Strive daily to breathe more fully and completely,  filling from the belly upward to the collarbones.  A simple exercise of counting the seconds of your slow inhale and adding a second or more to that exhale can be very effective.

The next time exertion or anxiety allows your breath to quicken and become shallow,  simply think about breathing from a foundation of ease and control.

Remember that we can live for a while without food, we can live for a while without water, but how long can we live without our breath?



Yoga Lifestyle

The benefits of yoga practice are many.  Too many to cover in one blog post.  I’d like to narrow this discussion to the “lifestyle enhancing” aspects of a regular yoga practice.

The original and ancient guidelines of yoga serve as a prescription for basic moral and ethical conduct and the importance of self-discipline.  Who among us wouldn’t benefit from more of that?   These guidelines can direct our attention toward better health and help us acknowledge any of the spiritual aspects of our nature.  Make no mistake, however;  yoga is not a religion or belief system.  It is simply an opportunity to quiet a turbulent mind, remove obstacles and find contentment.  Learning to be in stillness and silence for short periods of time encourages present moment awareness.  Our busy lives so often have us racing ahead of the clock and on a perpetual treadmill toward the next obligation or task.  Mindfulness is built through that present moment awareness and can give us the tools we need to be our best possible expression of humanity.  Yoga encourages gratitude and I believe gratitude grounds us and adds an important perspective to our daily life.

Try a class or simply try being still and quiet for a few short minutes a day.  Give your mind and body a rest.  Appreciate all that you are, all that you have and all that you can offer!



So many reasons to try yoga

Written By Kim
(trainer, fitness instructor, yoga instructor and triathlete coach)

Yoga is a 5000 year old tradition originating in India.  It is a connection of mind, body and spirit.

Yoga does not provide a sense of peace,  it helps you quiet your mind and body so that you can experience your true nature,  which is to be peaceful and in harmony.

Yoga is a path toward clarity, pure awareness and consciousness.  It guides us toward understanding that we are not separate from the whole.

The practice of yoga is about coming back to ourselves.

It is NOT a belief system or a religion.

From a purely physical perspective,  yoga can challenge your balance,  improve your muscle strength and endurance,  enhance flexibility,  aid digestion and encourage healthier breathing patterns among many other benefits.

Of equal importance,  yoga allows us to practise being fully present.  Learning to live life with present moment awareness also has many benefits such as:

Improved capacity to regulate emotion

Improved patterns of thinking

Enhanced immune response, healing capacity and feelings of general well-being

Reduced stress and anxiety;  a quieting of the mind

Ability to experience deeper and a more lasting inner peace

If you have never practised yoga,  consider taking a class.  Start slow,  communicate to the instructor that you are new and listen to your body.  If the pose becomes to challenging or the flow of the class to difficult,  take a break and just breathe!!

“Be patient….Be Present…..Move at the right moment and bring contentment with you as you go”


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