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Calling all Baby Bootcampers!!!!





Volunteer Opportunity! Seniors Peer Connector Program!


Interested in learning more about fitness?

Our fitness programs and education courses can help you do just that!  This program can help you learn more about muscles and movement, and/or become certified as a Personal Trainer or Group Fitness instructor.  Coming soon, Aquafit instructor training and continuing education for already certified trainers and instructors!

Contact me for more information!  Deanna at 905-522-9922 ext 148





Have a pressing fitness question? Join us for “Ask a Trainer” Night.


Sweet ’16 Challenge – Week one Fit Tip!!

Let’s go, Let’s go Let’s go!!!!!!  Sweet ’16 Challenge starts now!!  Haven’t met with your YWCA trainer yet?  Do it now!  Call the office at 905-522-9922 ext 118 to make your appointment! Not a member yet?  Give us a call for a free week pass!!

The weekly format you can look forward to will be:

-First Weekly Fit Tip

-Second Weekly Nutrition Tip

-Third Weekly Recipe Idea

-Fourth Weekly Program/Exercise Idea

And, without further delay……let’s go!!!


Sweet ’16 Challenge – Week 1 Fit Tip!

week one fit tip pic

What’s the one prescription that can lower your risk of many diseases — with NO side effects?


Exercise can do more for your health than medications!

Exercise, potentially, has the power to keep you from developing high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, and some forms of cancer. In fact, exercise can lower your risk of heart disease as effectively as medications!

It can also help ease arthritis pain, sharpen your memory, trim your waistline, and preserve your independence.

So why isn’t everyone exercising?

One of the biggest reasons is not knowing where to start, or being able to find a program that’s easy to stick with. We will  help you choose the best, safest workout for you, show you exactly how to do each move, and even helps you fit the routines into your busy schedule.

Join us in this exciting challenge to help you set your goals and help you reach them!


Workin’ hard for the Bay! @YWCAhamilton @Tribe_Fitness

A great group of runners from YWCA Hamilton and Tribe Fitness working hard at their training for Around the Bay 2015.

The YWCA’s run club trains together twice weekly:  

1) Tuesday evenings @ 5:00pm for short training

2) Saturdays 10am for Longer Efforts.

Contact Coach Kim @ 905 522-9922 ext. 118

Or rmech@ywcahamilton.org for details on how to join us! 

bay training Jan 24


“Witch” staff were “clownin’ ” around at work today? Fitness Staff of course!!

Happy Halloween from YWCA Hamilton!  Have a safe and healthy day and night!

Deanna Halloween Robin Halloween

Its almost race day!!!!

The Road2Hope road race series is almost here….just a few more sleeps!  As many of our members, staff and supporters get ready to race in support of ywcaencore, our running coach, Coach Kim, has some great last minute advice.  Thanks Coach!

Kim’s TOP TEN Race Week Prep Ideas

#1 Stay off your feet as much as possible when you are running your last couple of efforts (avoid standing in one place)

#2 Elevate your legs in the evening or when you can

#3 Maintain a happy and positive mood…..do fun things!

#4 Try not to change your diet too drastically this week.  Simply cut back on excess fats and fiber

#5 Sip plain water frequently

#6 Start laying out everything you think you might need on race day  (it’s November,  so think in terms of layers  and gloves)

#7 Start telling all your friends and loved ones about the great run you are going to have and where they can cheer for you on race day!

#8 Stretch frequently and gently,  but avoid static stretching on the morning of your race  (dynamic R.O.M.  is fine)

#9 Attend a Yoga class or at least breathe deeply several times a day!

#10 Visualise your event and see yourself crossing the line smiling,  happy and healthy!

Best wishes for a safe and successful day to one and all.


YWCAEncore and the Road2Hope!

As you may have heard, the amazing YWCAEncore program has partnered with the Road2Hope Race, Nov 1 and 2. Road2Hope race participants can choose to help the YWCA raise money for our amazing encore program that assists women who have had breast cancer on their wellness journey after treatment. Interested in joining us for this awesome event?

Please when registering – click on Charity and then select YWCA Hamilton to ensure that you are part of our team and that the sponsoring raised will go to support the ywcaencore program.

Donations can be made on line or you can pick up a Sponsorship envelope at the MacNab or Ottawa St. Fitness Centres.

Here is the link to the Road2Hope Registration page –


See you soon!

Free Fitness Programs for Women

The YWCA offers a FREE Health & Wellness Program for women with limited incomes-Woman Alive! Fall session begins soon! Check out the details of the orientation day below.

Fall Program Schedule 2014Woman Alive